A man found poisoned in his hotel room, a baby with needle wounds on her arm, an old man killed by a legend, a bride screaming in the night, a spy who took a bottle of acid to the face, and a criminal mastermind waiting in his web. John Watson never expected to find anything like this when he agreed to move into 221B Baker Street, all he wanted was some peace and quiet to heal from his time in Afghanistan, but now he's in for mystery and danger all too similar to what he faced overseas.

Adapting six classic Sherlock Holmes stories for a modern setting, bringing back the light hearted and curious nature of the originals while taking on our dangerous world, Signs of Three takes everything you loved about Sherlock Holmes and mixes it into one comic for a new audience.

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Chapter: Study of Scarlet - Chapter 6 Page: 1.6.2

17th Apr 2019, 6:00 AM


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